Useful Violin Chinrest Selection Tips

Most string players are using the same violin chinrest that comes with their violins on purchase. What many fail to acknowledge is that most really do not fit them. The use of an ill fitting attachment may affect your performance. The faces of different people really vary and so would the attachments available. One would have to secure the one that would fit him best.

An ill fitting rest would affect your performance and most obviously, your comfort. You would have problems such as clenching, sores and aches. This would be from the pressure of your chin on a small part of your neck. When you find yourself feeling these, it is high time for you to head to the shop and get one that is of a better fit.

Getting a good fit on the attachment that you have would be quite beneficial since you get to play better. You will be able to have proper posture. You also get better support on your instrument and you body.

It is imperative for you to head out and search for the right attachment yourself. Shopping online would not be a wise also because of the variations which would be right for you would really differ from ever style and manufacturer. You have to try each out yourself and find one that feels right and feels comfortable.

You need to take note how high the chin rest is. You will know that it is the proper height for you if there is a finger breadth space between the rest and your jaw. You should be looking straight ahead when measuring this. If you need to bow too far down, then that means the rest is too short. Too shallow a nod means it is too high for you.

One should also consider the flexibility of his shoulder. A player who has a flexible shoulder can have a rest that is mounted on the left side of the instrument’s tailpiece. One who has less flexibility should get one whose rest is mounted a little over the instrument’s tailpiece. One has to find where he is most comfortable.

There are several variations to a chin rest. You will be finding rests that have deeper arcs or close to flat. Some are mounted to the left while others are on the center of the violin. You will need to find one that would fit the contour for your jaw and would cause no discomfort.

Making use of well fitted rests will be very beneficial for one’s health and his performance as well. With a great fit, one frees his left collarbone of the static tension and allows greater movement. The weight of the instrument is brought closer to the body as well so it would be lighter and easier to carry. One can freely move his arms which results in an improved scroll height.

Be sure to get the right violin chinrest for you. Choose it the same way you would the instrument. It will be time consuming to find the perfect one but it would really pay off.

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