What You Must Know To Start Your Own Karaoke Business

by Mandy Mayers

Perhaps you started out singing in the shower, then you found yourself singing to songs on the radio, then you found yourself singing a few tunes at the local bar. It doesn’t matter which really, anyone of these shows you enjoy music. Most likely you have got yourself in to the world of Karaoke.

You thoroughly enjoy going to karaoke clubs and parties. The first thing you do when your friends come over is drag out the karaoke machine. If this sound like you then may be your should consider karaoke as a business. It can be a very lucrative business if you have a professional point of business view about it. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at doing it. It just means there is a serious side to any business and this business is no different.

The first thing you need to determine is do you have the capital to start up. You are well aware of everything you are going to need, but can you afford it? The average cost to obtain everything you need including some decent equipment is around $5,000.

Once you have mastered the finances you then need to plan your advertising campaign. Every new business has to get itself known in order to be successful. Start by printing some business cards, and perhaps some flyers. You may want to run some ads in the local papers. There is no need to have a huge advertising budget, but you did need to plan on spending some money. If you have a computer you will find it a great asset for doing some of your promotional materials. Design yourself a karaoke logo and make sure you use it on anything that refers to your business. Your business cards, flyers, brochures, even the applications at your shows. The more people see your name and logo the more business you are apt to get.

Now its time to hit the pavement and start hitting any club that has an entertainment venue. To start with you could offer a introductory karaoke price because you are new to the business. For the most parts the entertainment clubs and bars are pretty good at sticking to any deal they make with you.

You will want to be a little more careful when it comes to karaoke events at weddings and single events. Reason being is because these can be cancelled easily. You also want to be very clear on the detail. Draft up a simple contract for these events. Of course you want the personal details of the individual responsible for hiring your services, get two phone numbers for contact purposes if necessary. Make sure you have all the details as to the date, location, and time start and finish. Determine what you want as a deposit, and ideally make it a non refundable one. After all if they cancel that means you have lost a full nights work. Once all the details have been agreed upon both you and the customer should sign it and leave a copy with the customer. This way there is no misunderstandings. Make sure the customer confirms all of the information on the contract.

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