You Can Make An Incredible Variety Of Sounds With The Kurzweil PC3 Keyboard

The outside of the Kurzweil PC3 offers a streamlined and aesthetically attractive appearance, and the inside is packed with high end technology. This particular controller keyboard features 128 voices, 76 notes, and top quality speakers. The comprehensive real-time controllers coupled with the huge variety of high quality sounds helps make the Kurzweil PC3 the ultimate keyboard now on the market.

Together with the main Grand Piano, the PC3 offers numerous new sounds like basses, guitars, drums, and synthesizers. This outstanding variety of sounds help make this particular keyboard appropriate for almost any taste and style. Furthermore, it offers in excess of 250 string and orchestral programs.

The flexible, user friendly design of the PC3 is actually a revolutionary step forward. Its 996 PPQ resolution unlimited track sequencer helps to make the keyboard a powerful workstation. For connectivity, it includes a USB port, flash XD card port, a freshly designed intuitive user interface, and keyboard action.

The feature which makes the PC3 so unique is that its chips are uniquely made and customized for maximum audio efficiency. Simply put, all of the processing power of the synthesizer is exclusively devoted to the sound. Consequently, there is going to be absolutely no noticeable latency. The performance should be really fast and can lead to glitch-free, rich, and full sounds.

The Kurzweil synthesizer offers you a vast sound set of over 850 programs. All the programs raise the standard for quality. It provides all of the standard sounds, such as guitars, drums, horns, basses, and synthesizers. These sounds have been created to meet the needs of today’s professional performer. It also offers a range of styles coming from the 60s to the current day.

The PC3 is equipped with an innovative version KB3 organ simulator. This simulator provides vintage firepower to this keyboard and makes it sound like you are playing a real organ. There’s a complete variety of top quality orchestral sounds, which makes it ideal for soundtrack projects and film scoring. It is possible to plug the keyboard in and be ready to play sounds deserving of finished products – uncompromising quality with instantaneous gratification.

Even with its many tweaking options, the PC3 is user friendly. There is a smaller backlit display that shows all the information you will need. Programs are conveniently categorized and may be selected by employing program and bank select keys. Also, users can organize their favorites into “Quick Access” banks for added convenience.

The PC3 is actually a intricate and deep instrument that provides a number of options. There is an application called SoundEditor that makes the editing process and programming as simple as is possible. With its many options and high quality performance, the Kurzweil PC3 is a keyboard that’s hard to ignore.

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