‘So You Think You Can Dance Results’ TOP 4 VIDEO: July 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Results – Group performance choreographed by Tyce Diorio.

Some performances from last season which I’m looking forward to.

Results time.

Jeanine is safe.

Melissa and Kayla to be found out later.

“Silence” by Tyce Diorio. Jessica and Will performing. Very nice performance by the two.

Brandon is safe.

Ade and Evan will have to wait to find out.

“Mercy” By Mia Michaels. Twitch and Katee performing. Very well indeed. Katee looking hot and Twitch is a cool dude.

“A Los Amigos” by Dmitri. Chelsie and Joshua performing. Very nice and its nice to see DWTS let Chelsie do this dance again. Joshua is great.

Solo time.

Melissa – She’s a very graceful dancer.

Ade – He’s a powerful dancer only behind Brandon in my opinion.

The Jabberwockies performance. Very interesting.

“Bleeding Love” by Tabitha and Napoleon. Performed by Chelsie and Mark. Very nice.. Pretty funny with the prop malfunction but they didn’t skip a beat.

Kayla – I think she is probably the best girl dancer this year.

Evan – A good dancer but I think he’s lasted a little longer than he should have.

Sean Paul Performance.

Kayla is safe.

Melissa is going home.

Evan is safe.

Ade is going home.

I think that decision was wrong but oh well I think Brandon has this locked up like Joshua did.

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