‘Twilight’ Roundup: One Couple Splits Up, The Other’s Dolled Up

Twilight Barbie dollsIn case you didn’t notice it, Jack Huston was just given a role on Eclipse.  Now, as I said before, most of the world will know him for more than being Cat Deeley’s boyfriend, although I didn’t even know that until I started looking for photos.  And that’s the theme of my Twilight roundup at the moment: couples, as much as I don’t like writing about them, because the discussion only descends to either Robert or Kristen splitting up, or getting together, or starting a family on the basis of an unbuttoned button.  And everyone else wishing it wasn’t the case, or something.

So, yes, Twilight couples, one of them not exactly a Twilight couple, but considering the past, you can call them a Twilight couple.  Have I spoken too much?  Obviously I feel a bit uncomfortable.  On with the improved bits, then!

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