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The book of the two American social scientists – both teach at Columbia University, New York – with the ‘C. Wright Mills Award “and has been in the U.S. in the sharpness of his reasoning for sustained debate.
It touches a taboo of all highly industrialized societies: the institutionalized dealing with poverty, the government peace policy toward the “have-nots”, the “ghettoisation” the meek, marginalized, unemployed, sick and vulnerable groups through “regulatory measures” as well as the impact of this regulation at the economic and political conduct of the parties.
Piven and Cloward describe, based on years of research activity and a broad empirical source material, the relation of “support, labor market, social order and state enforcement of obedience” in the U.S. since the Great Depression.
Its just “uncompromising as challenging study (New York Times Book Review) shows a substantial case of government action on a problem that is similar in clarity and with similar consequences for all Western industrialized societies is: unequal distribution of life chances because of sharply different distribution of food resources. “This is a masterful analysis of a social institution.” Roben K. Merton

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