“La Toya Jackson Interview” Michael was murdered, I know who has done it!

According to Michael Jackson’s father is also his sister La Toya Jackson voiced the suspicion that the King of Pop was assassinated. “I think that Michael was murdered, I felt from the beginning,” said the 53-year-old sister of pop idol in an interview published on Sunday with the British newspaper “The Mail on Sunday” and “News of the World “.

latoya-jackson-interviewThat is their opinion not only a person involved, but her brother was the victim of a “conspiracy” has become. “He was from a poor district of surrounded,” said La Toya Jackson. “Michael was a very modest, quiet, loving person. The people have exploited,” she added.

La Toya Jackson said in the interview that she had the death of her 50-year-old brother vorausgeahnt. “Michael was more than one billion U.S. dollars worth” and is therefore surrounded by greedy people have been, she said. With a view to the forthcoming comeback concerts in London, it should be her family said: “He will never create to London.” Finally, it was “worth more dead than alive.”

Among the 50 concerts in London was Michael Jackson, only by a mysterious group of riders had been forced to him from his family and friends isolated. These people had Michael Jackson as “Goldesel” and made him addicted to drugs. “I think that his system shook so much that it killed him,” said La Toya Jackson. She added that on the day of Jackson’s death and jewels worth millions in cash from his house had disappeared. “Michael always had cash at home, usually around the two million U.S. dollars.”

The sister of the late musician announced that for the complete elucidation of the circumstances of death only, “I will not stop until I’ve found out who is responsible.
“You do it not about money.” I want justice for Michael.
I will not rest until I’ve found out what – and who – my brother killed, “said the 53-year-old in an interview. In addition to the autopsy of the authorities they had a private investigation of Michael Jackson’s prompted corpse.

La Toya Jackson also described the moment in which death by her brother learned. She was just in their car have been hospitalized, when her mother called and yelled: “He is dead!” “I have my car almost drove to scrap.” With trembling legs she had with her mother and Michael Jackson’s children arrived, all would have cried.

La Toya Jackson reported that the family before the funeral service in the Staples Center in Los Angeles farewell at the open coffin of her brother had taken. They even told him one of his famous sequined gloves placed in the coffin. Michael Jackson’s eleven-year-old daughter Paris, thus appealed to the wrist of her father, a chain with one half of a heart-trailer, the other half they kept.

At Michael Jackson’s final resting place, his sister said, he would not be on the grounds of his Neverland Ranch buried.
They have suggested something of her family, which her brother as her desire was expressed. Michael Jackson’s brain, which is taken from his autopsy, was back in his body.

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