“Michael Jackson’s Autopsy Results” There is no evidence of extraneous misconduct

After the autopsy of Michael Jackson’s funeral took a court spokesman in Los Angeles for the first intelligence service. Read the log.

1 / 5 A court spokesman in Los Angeles commented on autopsy results. (Part 1)

00:30 EDT The press conference has ended.

00:29 EDT Where was Jackson’s death found a journalist wants to know. In the Emergency department at the hospital replied the spokesman.

00:28 EDT On questions of whether traces of painkillers was found, the speaker will not respond. In general, he most journalists leave questions unanswered.

00:26 CEST The autopsy has lasted several hours.

00:24 CEST We can now announce no cause of death. We need another four to six weeks for the toxicological investigation. Then one cause of death for their comments.

00:21 CEST There is however no evidence of external injury or establishment of an arbitrary death. Traces of drugs found. External fault is excluded.

00:20 EDT The press conference begins. A spokesman for the district building has the floor.

00:00 CEST A CNN reporter, in the sunshine of California bratet says, to start the press conference could not be long.

23:30 EDT Still doing nothing. Speculate about the cause of death has been 24 hours. Many believe that the drugs that Jackson received something with the death of the star might have to do. Despite the rumors of skin cancer is not completely clear why Jackson in recent weeks repeatedly a clinic in Beverly Hills April. If we believe the rumors from the immediate environment of the stars, Jackson is a blend of seven different drugs have swallowed.

23:10 CEST An eyewitness tells CNN incredible scenes in the Emergency department of the hospital where Jackson was received. Dozens of journalists have been within the hospital shortly gestürmt. Via megaphone was the amount requested to be withdrawn, otherwise the police would intervene.

22:44 BST The authorities spokesman repeated what has been said today. Until the final autopsy report will be eight to ten weeks.

22:42 BST A spokesman authorities occurs before the journalists and announced a delay of the press conference of one to one and a half hours.

22:30 EDT waiting journalists before the District Court building in Los Angeles at the inlet.

22:05 EDT Before the public want doctors to inform the visiting family members about the results of the autopsy teach.

21:45 EDT For clock 22:30 BST, a press conference with the court’s doctors announced. Presumably, the first results of the autopsy disclosed.

21:05 EDT Obama’s first reaction to Jackson’s death. As President spokesman Robert Gibbs announced, Obama said the family of the deceased and his fans his condolences. Obama has the late pop star Michael Jackson as an impressive artist and music icon whose life sad and tragic aspects had.

The White House released after the unexpected death of Jackson’s statement on Thursday not to do so. At the regular press conference at the White House expressed Gibbs on Friday only to questions of reporters after Obama’s response to the death of Jackson.

20:15 CEST The tape recording of the phone of Michael Jackson’s house at 911 emergency call was made public. The voice comes probably from a house employees. The person calls for help, but says that it was Michael Jackson is. (Click on the link, or the player)

20:00 EDT TMZ.com: The doctor wanted CM to be on his way to Los Angeles are. He allegedly wants to talk with the police. Why it yesterday from Los Angeles and has not previously reported is unclear.

19:30 EDT TMZ.com: The tape recording of the phone of Michael Jackson’s house at 911 emergency call should be published soon.

19:28 EDT SDA U.S. deputy lay minute’s silence for Michael Jackson On. Members of the U.S. House of Representatives have the late “King of Pop” Michael Jackson thought. “We raise ourselves to a star recognition for the tribute, which is now in heaven,” said the Democratic Members Diane Watson from California. He thank God that the “era” by Michael Jackson was allowed to witness, said the Democratic Members of Jesse Jackson junior. “His heart would not be bigger. And yesterday it has ceased to beat.

19:27 EDT TMZ.com: Janet Jackson’s sister has arrived in Los Angeles.

18:45 EDT TMZ.com: The Celebrity Portal reports, the doctors, which in Jackson’s house was called, nor would his death on the spot to find. But Jackson’s doctor did, however, resisted and asked the pop star to resuscitate.

18:30 EDT TMZ.com: Apparently, the police doctor, who on Thursday evening in Jackson had been identified. For CM to be a cardiologist from Houston to act. Supposedly he held until the arrival of the doctors tried to resuscitate Jackson. Until now, C. M. was not found.

16:07 EDT TMZ.com: The autopsy of the corpse of Michael Jackson was in progress. Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran, the investigation. He also appeared as a witness in the trial against the ex-football star OJ At Simpson. Perhaps there is still the first results. The results of toxicological studies are probably only six weeks earlier than before.

16:00 EDT TMZ.com: Meanwhile, investigators are looking for one of the doctors of the musician. They hope to gain from the survey evidence to clarify the cause of death may result as a spokeswoman for the Police in Los Angeles on Friday announced. The police had a BMW before Jackson’s house away, the one of Jackson’s doctors belong. “We have the doctor may not ask,” said Karen Rayner. The car had been towed away because it is drugs or other evidence could include the court physicians to clarify the cause of death could help. Rayner said that the doctor not as a suspect is true. TMZ.com reported that the doctor lived on Jackson’s property. Rayner said she could not confirm this and also do not know the identity of the doctor.

15:50 EDT TMZ.com reported having regard to non-family members said that Jackson before his death a strong dose of Demerol, a painkiller similar to morphine, he should have. A syringe which Jackson should have received a daily basis.

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