“Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial Hair on Fire” New Video Released

michael-jackson-pepsi-commercial-hair-on-fireVideo – Michael Jackson Pepsi-fire accident spot, hair burn: The 27.01. In 1984, Michael Jackson most of his life remained in his memory. On that day turned the King of Pop a commercial for Pepsi in which it was an accident. This accident is Michael Jackson burned large parts of his hair and his mind. Now is a video of the fire accident at the Rotary …

There were dramatic eleven seconds in the life of Michael Jackson: 1984, in the middle of filming for a Pepsi commercial, captures the head of the late “King of Pop fire! Now, a video appeared, the terrible fire accident shows. The famous Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, sings and dances Michael Jackson, he is full of energy. He wears black trousers, a black shiny jacket, on his right hand flashes the famous white glove. The first advertising takes everything runs smoothly, but then the big show starts explosion too early! Jackson first noticed nothing like dancing in ecstasy on. 3000 fans watching. Suddenly, the singer is surrounded by people. Set hectically try staff and security men, to smother the flame. It succeeds. But when Jackson again emerges between the workers, he behaved on his head gap is a big gap, which burned scalp is visible. All eleven seconds burned the head of the superstars. Back burns were second-and third-degree and pain that the singer is now only with strong painkillers got to grips with. The accident in 1984 he could be the turning point in Michael Jackson’s life have been. He then required several surgeries and skin grafts, a traumatic experience!

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