“Pluot” new hybrids of plum and apricot

pluot‘Brontosaurius egg’ is a new variety from the USA, created from the cross between plum and apricot. The somewhat unusual name is attributed to a Brazilian comic book series, the fruits resemble dinosaur eggs. The shell of the plum-like fruit is bright red and smooth, the shape is almost round.
The taste is exceptional, the fruit taste is pleasantly sweet and refreshing aromatic, partially nutty and reminiscent of a mixture of plums, nectarines, peach and apricot. But not only the great taste is convincing, but also the richness in carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins A, B and C and calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron draws from the new fruit. It is very Pluot-calorie, sodium and cholesterol. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption in between, but they are also in the kitchen for game dishes, in sauces or desserts processed good use, so they taste especially good with ice cream or cottage cheese, but also as a sheet cake.

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