12 Google AdSense Tips for more clicks

Today I have 12 Google Adsense Tips summarized that you should help your AdSense revenues. Many, I have myself on the Internet together, and then tried out and for good or bad found a few things I have myself zusammengereimt. Here, the 12 tips, which for me at Adsense tested.

The first ad has the highest click rates
I can understand it from my own tests do not confirm, but Google claims it at least – of the ad unit, which appears as the first source (need not necessarily be the first visible), achieves the highest revenue. Whether true or not now, you should try it once.

Adsense in Content
Good results are obtained in most cases, if the Adsense ads in the content of ‘mixes’. You can do it by hand, which is somewhat annoying, or WordPress plugins are used such as Adsense Deluxe or Adsense Injection. For example write 2-3 paragraphs and then add Adsense advertising block, before you write the remaining paragraphs.

All good things come in threes
Google allows, according to AGB up to 3 text ads and link up to 3 ads per page. Depending on how the site is designed, so if there is enough text, you should also take advantage of. The whole thing should always act in harmony and not cluttered. Try it here, as always, about studying.
Good results I have achieved with an Adsense block at the beginning of the contribution, in the middle and end.

Link Blocks
At the top of the page, right below the header graphic that most sites have, you can get a link block over the entire width place. The link appears to block a point at which the user normally expects a navigation and has his full attention. I earned the most clicks.

Link Color
Try it here also, as always in the eating. You can become a Adsense links the same color in the coloring, like the links on the website or in a very striking color. I have the best results with first method. ‘Blue’ is otherwise the best color for ordinary Internet users, because this color is in the brains than has burnt into clickable links.

1 article = 1 issue
A post should preferably focus from one topic to act. To facilitate the switch to Google-related ads that lead to more clicks.

Relevant areas
Between the comments”and”you can tell Google that the content between the two relevant comments and everything else should be excluded. I only close the contribution itself, comments, etc. from the navigation.

Channels used
Adsense For each block that you insert into the side, if you set up a channel. Only then can you really control what blocks to how many clicks lead. Only then can you optimize your ads reasonable.

Text ads more effective than banner ads
Many say that pure Adsense text ads lead to more clicks than image ads. I can not confirm it and would just Google the choice. Image ads can look through their sometimes very much more interesting work, and to click as animate text. As so often here, trying to Klug, because the whole thing very well by the public depends.

More traffic = more clicks
More traffic means in most cases even more clicks. Particularly often in new visitors click on the ads as widerkehrende daily visitors. It is therefore important to a good link and good positions in search engines every day new visitors to the site.

Few other links
Other links on the page are always in competition with Adsense ads. It should therefore only the necessary links on the page and the content will be placed around the Adsense ads.

Adsense ads now visible
The faster when loading the page the Google ads are visible, the more attention they receive. The ads should be placed so that it will preferably first be loaded.

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