9 tips to double your AdSense revenue

Google AdSense is a very popular source of revenue on the Internet. A relatively simple way to earn money online.

Follow these 9 tips to optimize your own website in order to double your AdSense revenue.

A Chinese proverb says: “Every journey begins with the first step.” :-)

Whether you’re a small 1-man small business to operate, which has made online to earn some money. Or if you are already at steady AdSense revenues have brought. The 9 tips will provide a good basis, to optimize AdSense ads in order not only to generate revenue but it will hopefully be doubled.

If you already have a website or a blog system, is the first step (before the 9 tips), with a free Google account to pay. The HTML code on its website or blog to install, takes no 5-minutes. Guaranteed! Believe me, his AdSense revenues to double after also brings you a lot of additional motivation. (and Moneten course:-D)

If you are not active on the Internet, then you just start your first blog. A matter of no more than 10 minutes and begin on a topic to write something which you understand.

Whether you have a website or blog to start or operate. They provide the content. Google takes care of the rest Do not believe? Healthy skeptics are welcome. In you is probably the better seller. Stay tuned and use this money machine.

9 Express actionable tips
to its Adsense revenues to double:

1) Adjust the style of Google AdSense ads at the beginning to the exact color of your website and or blog, do not use frames.

Remove ads in the sidebar (menu), and make sure the background of the Google AdSense ads accordingly. Similarly, the link and text color in exactly the same style as the design of your whole website. To get the relevant ads in a natural way into your website or blog integrated.

2) Horizontal banners and Leaderboards – a sensitive issue!

Google, the Internet community to vertical ads conditioned, and our results show that the visitors up horizontally in the content of advertising quite often overlooked.

3) Use the Google made its own optimization tips

Another great support you get directly from Google and supplied free of charge. Particular attention should be given to the Heatmap gift.

4) Create a list of your relevant keywords by using keyword tools

Key words in your market environment bring you relevant AdSense ads on your pages. You go through these sources is essential. The better the keyword, the more pay AdWords advertisers are generally in favor. A higher earnings per click is the result.

5) Use Google’s 4 a.m. to 5 p.m. link “vertically” ad units wherever possible. These often have a much better performance and clickthrough rate (CTR) than regular ads.

6) The sixth of 9 Tips – No tricks!

Do it, images, or other techniques to attract visitors to click on ads to tempt. “His AdSense revenues to double” is so lucky to play. Rather, you will prematurely from the program kicked. Google is not it good to talk and very strict. Give no sales.

7) Realize the potential number of AdSense ads on your pages fully

3 regular AdSense ads, plus 1 link unit are allowed. Place the ads so that they are a natural part of your website, and text.

8.) targets you with the content of your pages on a very specific market and topic

Content, tailored to a specific area or topic aims, has a much better chance of good AdWords ads to get than a generally worded content. This is also interesting for your visitors and motivates more likely to click on related content.

Beware, however, being only pages for the purpose of clicks on ads to be developed. Your visitors and customers (as well as search engines) recognize the relatively fast.

9) Use the Google-supplied free function of the “ad channel” for each ad space

Give each “Ad village” a unique name (eg “Sidebar Top 5 Link Unit” or “160 × 600 Skyscraper navigation above left) and evaluate the results accordingly. Watch the sales of the various ads. Find out which ads and positions have the highest clickthrough rates bring. Probably you are also in different ad formats and colors work better than others. But what exactly on your pages will be, you will only know if you’ve tested …

“Advertising means test, test and test again …!

This man was certainly a piece of his time far ahead. Whether he used These 9 tips would not know – but if you use the 9 tips, the probability has increased, so its AdSense revenues to increase.

Who knows, maybe double it, yes. Let’s see what responses come …

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