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AdSense smart pricing seems increasingly becoming a problem. Many webmasters have reported increased revenues despite lower AdSense CTR and impressions constant. One possibility is consistently the allowances under the microscope to take the domains and only small allowances to achieve the blacklist in the AdSense interface must be set. An AdSense staff now has a little light into the dark place:

The described situation is not an easy one to diagnose. The truth
of the matter is that blocking MFA-type URLs from your site can result in
either a rise or decline in revenue (depending on what those ads were
doing for you-wise earnings prior to blocking them).

What I can tell you regarding some of your questions is that ending our
system takes into consideration factors such as what keywords and concepts
triggered the ads, and also that which ads are shown. For example, a click
on an ad for digital cameras on a page about photography can be worth less
than if the same ad on a page shows where digital cameras are compared.
Please note that the system is dynamic and can change with time. The goal
is to ultimately offer even more relevant ads with a better customer

I hope this clarifies matters. I’m sorry to hear of your decline, and
hope to see your revenue returning to levels with which you’re satisfied
in the coming weeks.

Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions.

To clarify, the targeting mechanism takes into
account a number of factors including the price of the ad, as well as the
ad’s relevance to your page, And The likelihood of the ad being clicked by
your visitors.

There is no blanket policy, but in general, if one of the types of ads to
which you’re referring is predicted to have success (both in terms of
revenue and click-through) on your site, the algorithm will opt to show

I hear for the first time that the amount of remuneration including something with the relevance between the content and the display has to do. This is of course the whole thing a little different. Unfortunately, the AdSense publishers here a little helpless, because 100% relevant text ads to each is only difficult in practice. In my opinion, exaggerates the AdSense team here with a bit of momentum, let’s see what diesbzgl. in the future still does. I would be on current knowledge, advise against the blacklist in the AdSense kursierenden domains on the Internet to fill in some instances could be counter-productive.

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