Apollo Alliance: Lowers energy costs through green building

The Californian city of Los Angeles millions trims its entire municipal buildings on energy efficiency. The city wants to energy costs in the amount of approximately six million U.S. Dollar in the year and the savings of local economies back on their feet help.

One proposal has the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in early April Apollo Alliance successfully introduced in the City. The Apollo Alliance is the overhaul approved all municipal property, with more than 700 square meters of space, or were built before 1978. The energetic renovations begin in disadvantaged neighborhoods and focus initially on public buildings such as libraries or holiday.

Flanked the community rehabilitation program with an employment initiative, the “green” careers to foster. The plan will include a training program, the unemployed for employment in “green” construction qualifies. The initiators want to also take the city administration to press for the remediation of priority on environmentally friendly and local products fall back and “green” companies, those of women or minorities are, to be preferred. About the cost of the program and the supposed CO2 savings were not disclosed.

According to the Apollo Alliance is coupled “green” rehabilitation and employment program for the first of its kind in the entire United States. It was a “model of how the ‘green’ economy revive inner cities and disadvantaged workers a way out of poverty bahnen can.” According to the environmental organization in Los Angeles is suffering an exceptionally high unemployment. The 2006 poverty rate was twice as high as the national average, it is said in a statement.

The overhaul of public housing stock is the latest project with the Los Angeles swing to sustainable community wants to create. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa had just announced in February, all households with a free set of energy-saving lightbulbs device. It appears that avoids the city so that energy costs annually over 60 million U.S. dollars and cut more than 130,000 tonnes of CO2.

Villaraigosa had already in 2007 the initiative “Green LA” was launched. “Green LA” provides for a massive promotion of renewable energies and to reduce CO2 emissions from the four-million city in 2030 by 35 percent below the level of 1990 press. 2004 Los Angeles have issued approximately 50 million tons of carbon dioxide and more than 9.2 million inhabitants of Sweden.

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