Apple Earnings Unstoppable

Apple has once again excellent quarterly figures. In the fiscal third quarter, reported the iPhone manufacturer revenue by 11.7 percent to 8.34 billion U.S. dollars – more than analysts had estimated Apple itself. The net profit for the quarter stood at 1.23 billion U.S. dollars. According to Apple, it was the best non-Christmas quarter, the company’s history. At the same time, appeared on U.S. websites new rumors about the long awaited Tablet, a kind of iPhone XXL on.


The tablet, according to American Technology Websites for the Christmas season to buy his. Supposedly Apple is planning for the Tablet a cooperation with the U.S. mobile operator Verizon. During the press conference for the famous quarter figures was once again the question of a “low-end Apple laptop asked. That is always the long awaited tablet or a Netbook. Tablet says a sort of magnified iPhone, without the keyboard can be controlled and the gap between the iPhone / iPod Touch and the normal laptops closes. Apple COO Tim Cook, as always, replied evasively. The U.S. blog Techcrunch noted, however, that he has two price levels for such a product deliberately excluded: For 399 or $ 499 could not make good products, let Cook know. Ergo: Apple Tablet is significantly higher than $ 500 cost.

In the meantime, Apple does with its core products, excellent shops. Above all, the iPhone turns out to be a cash cow. By the end of June, Apple sold 5.2 million iPhones. Compared to last year, this is a phenomenal increase of 626 percent. The old model was massively reduced in price, the new, faster iPhone 3GS was temporarily sold out. The success of the iPhone is, however, the star of the iPod slowly decrease. Of the music players with Apple sold 10.2 million units, around seven percent less than last year.

Thanks retreaded laptop also ran the business with computers vorzüglich. 2.6 million Macs were sold, about four percent more than last year, but clearly laptops are on the rise. Fly in the ointment: The proceeds of the computer division was despite higher sales figures back. Therefore, significant price reductions to counter the competition becoming cheaper to stay competitive.

The U.S. technology group Apple will continue to stir. Was it the first well-designed and very einnfach to use computers, ten years ago, the comeback of Apple einläuteten, then ensured that the portable music devices from the iPod family for blinding sales figures. Now, the iPhone makes mobile phones for the success story continues. The sales figures provided in the most recent quarter with experts enthusiasm. With April to June were 5.2 million units worldwide this multimedia phones sold. That is seven times as much as a year earlier. Also, sales of Mac computers rose by four percent to 2.6 million units to. Only the iPod’s sales fell by seven percent to 10.2 million.

Yet the quarterly results were dazzling. The profit rose 15 percent to 1.23 billion U.S. dollars, while sales by twelve percent to 8.3 billion. In the current quarter, the sales, so Apple, 8.7 to 8.9 billion dollars. Analysts continue to be optimistic for the stock. Except for UBS recommend all banks in the updated study the value of the purchase. The course is potential to twelve to 25 percent estimates. Currently the stock is listed just under four percent plus.

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