Apple Tablet: Evidence Mounts

Speculation that Apple on a Tablet PC is not new. But now, the speculations get new food. Both the U.S. specialist blog Apple Insider, as well as the Financial Times to heat the rumor mill with new details of force. Thus, the beginning of 2010 Apple Tablet on the market.

Many details are still not. As identified by insiders now is that the device has a 10-inch touch screen, and priced between the largest iPod Touch and the cheapest Macbook positioned to be. Earlier sources said around $ 800, what exactly is in this range would fall.

According to Financial Times report, the device under the iPhone OS operating system. According to the report, Apple is both content providers as well as telecom carriers in tight negotiations, which concerns the future device. One reason could be an always-on access to media like movies or e-books to be able to offer.

Apple Insider meanwhile, wants to have that around 24 months in a development of the device by Apple boss Steve Jobs has personally supervised. During his health-related time off during the past half year or even from the sickbed.

One reason for the relatively long development time, a change of the CPU Platform Committee. Originally, Apple had the Atom chip from Intel want to use as Apple Insider. However, it is not satisfied with the efficiency was. Following the acquisition of chip per annum Semi would be to develop an ARM-based processor for the tablet device has been started.

Apple is constantly thinking about new products. Here is a patent application for a new MacBook. The trackpad seems to be the entire width of the MacBooks  – in the further development of the MacBooks would be the logical consequence.  And indeed, there is also a patent on a Mac Tablet. Interesting is the caption: “Window” – but not “Windows”.  The purpose of this patent is likely to remain entrenched Apple fans do not like tap. It is a PC on the iMac-classical design – a separate Tablet computers can be connected to the back of the iMac screen via insertion tray are docked.

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