AT&T blocks 4chan: 4chan Known for its deeply offensive content

You may find 4chan weird, chaotic, or offensive, but you can’t deny that the Internet wouldn’t be the same without it. There would be no cat macros. There would be no Rickrolling. There would be no Anonymous protests against the Church of Scientology. And Consumerist wouldn’t have linked to Encyclopedia Dramatica twice in four days.

AT&T has decided to discover what a world without 4chan (specifically, two of its forums) would be like. They’ve blocked it. Specifically, the forums /b/ and /r9k/.

[Editor’s note: We won’t be linking to the forums directly. If you want to find them, go ahead. Just don’t blame us.]


TechCrunch had the story early on:

Controversial as 4chan could hardly provide a forum in the USA. Yesterday it became known that this combination of forum and image board is currently in some parts of California is blocked. Apparently the telecommunications group AT & T the topic in question a thorn in the eye.

It is still unclear what the lock is like. Perhaps it is due to the many gags and images below the belt line, which you can find there in abundance.

Perhaps, but rather to the content on the topic of hacking, there by an anonymous user posted. Many newbies go out, apply the targeted vulnerabilities and distribute these on the web.

The fact that there is not anything suitable for children, must not be questioned. Censorship, Censorship is very worrying that if one of the largest U.S. telecommunications providers access to this forum locks. Hoax, hacks or not – after all is 4chan as a the 700 most visited sites on the Internet. The 4chan community currently has approximately 450,000 postings per day. In some areas may also be posted without registering, these areas are therefore available for some participants particularly interesting. So far there has been for the barring of AT & T is neither a denial nor a confirmation. Many AT & T customers had to register with the Los Angeles Metblogs and news aggregator reddit in the last few days about this censorship measure exchanged. Hopefully this is not only the beginning of a new company policy.

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