Bachelorette’s Ed Swiderski: Media Victim or Major Scumbag?

cover-758-b.jpgJillian Harris, who initially considered herself lucky for becoming the Bachelorette and having her pick of 30 handsome guys, is probably kicking herself right about now. Even with that lovely ring on her finger, seeing her own face emblazoned on the latest tabloids with headlines like “How He Tricked Her” must make poor Jill… ill. Despite standing up more than once to defend Ed’s accused indiscretions, the rumors against him have continued to snowball, this time with several other Bachelorette contestants piping in to claim Ed is a “shady” character who told more than one man that he had a girlfriend during filming.

She claims she knew all about this mess (which we’re getting all wrong, apparently), but public opinion on Swiderski is all but decided: he’s a lying, cheating dirtbag. We’re just waiting around for Jillian to finally listen, admit the truth, and break off the engagement. The two girls who raised accusations against Ed have provided facts and proof: specific, timestamped emails, photos and texts with Ed’s name on them. In turn, Jill and Ed have defended themselves using only vague claims about trust and confidence. And the former Bachelorette shows no signs of breaking it off, despite the “evidence” mounting against Ed.

It’s all a little puzzling, and infuriating, after a whole Bachelorette season full of “he said/she said” nonsense. Why don’t Jillian and Ed just come clean and wipe their hands of this mess? Ultimately, who’s wrong about Ed: us, or his wife-to-be? We certainly don’t know everything, and for whatever reason, Jillian is keeping mum about what, exactly, she knows. Still, there are a limited number of possible scenarios going on, and each has an obviously better way for Jillian and Ed to deal with it.

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