BEST REALITY SHOWS EVER! – So You Think You Can Dance/ Paris Hilton BFF – Taylor Swift Rap! -TTYN!

BEST REALITY SHOWS EVER! - So You Think You Can Dance/ Paris Hilton BFF - Taylor Swift Rap! -TTYN!

How to Give a Lap Dance~Sexy Lap Dance Tips

1.Get in the SEXY ZONE

Prepare yourself to get into the sexy zone. Listen to your favorite sexy music, choose your favorite lingerie wear. It’s all about you enjoying yourself, so think about what YOU love and enjoy. Even if he doesn’t like 80s and your body loves it, he’ll forget what he’s listening to when you give him the lap dance of his life. If you have a favorite sexy song. Get it ready. Not sure what music to dance to? Sexy Lap Dance Music Picks~

2.Command him to the Chair

Lead Him

Are you in a sweet mood today? Gently guide him to the chair and have him sit down and spread his knees apart. This will give you ample room when you crawl into his lap.

Command Him

Are you in a dominatrix mood? If you have hand cuffs or that Halloween police girl outfit use them.

Have fun with it. Shove him into the chair, hand cuff his hands behind his back so he doesn’t get to touch you during your lap dance session. Tell him “You’re not going anywhere till I let you” or add in your own dirty talk “You’ve been such a bad boy today, you’re going to get punished”

3.Make Him Obey

If he tries to touch you move his hands away and shake your finger. No touching at this point. Tell him to sit put and be good. (That’s right, he’s your puppy now)

4.Arouse him from Far Away

You can start 3 ft away from him and enjoy yourself in the music…remember when you were having fun slow dancing in the club..making seductive hip circles. Touch and caress yourself, play with your hair, let your fingers slide to your neck, caress your breast and love every curve of yourself. You LOVE your body. Of course give out that sexy smile and grin. The more you look like you’re having fun, the bigger the turn on. ( If you feel uncomfortable he will sense your uneasiness. ) If you’re usually the shy girl, no worries we can turn you into a sex bomb in no time.

5.The Crawl~Come closer SLOWLY

The Crawl- Slowly get on your knees and do some slow up and down hump moves ..yes very sexy now. Then slowly crawl over to him towards his lap.

Need to visualize how to do hip grind circles and the crawl?Here’s a clip I found online

6.I am closer now…but the fun has just begun

When you crawl up to him, spread his knees far apart. This will give you ample space to later step up to with a knee.Climb up to the chair where he is sitting so that one of your knees is in between his and the other is on the arm of the chair. You can adjust accordingly to how you best balance. Now the fun has just begun.

7.Just Miss Kiss

Make another SLOW hip circle toward him, come close to his face and let your hair brush against his face. Approach as if you’re going to kiss him and then NOT. This is the classic Just Miss Kiss-From How to Give a Lap Dance Guide Breathe in his ear so you can hear your every breath and your moans of enjoyment

Do another big hip circle, this time slightly bend over so that your breast are just in front of his face

8. Boob Hovering

Come closer and do another hip circle and this time rub your boobs in his face (HOTTT!!)

Now he’s squirming and wanting to get out of his chair to grab you…make sure he sits put. Because Ladies YOU are in control, no one moves till you allow it.

9. The Snake Slide Down

Now that you are in a position that you have your boobs in front of his face. Slowly slide down so that your breast rub against his chest and that you slowly slide to the ground.

10. Walk away with attitude

Now turn around and push your butt out as you get up. You got it girl…you can walk away with attitude. Turn around and wink at him, or blow a kiss. Slap your ass, whichever is your style.

Once you’ve given your first lap dance, you’ll realize it’s quite fun and easy to add your own variation.  For more lap dance tips or visual aids on How to Give a Lap Dance Lap Dance
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