Big Green Egg: the rebirth of a 3000-year-old BBQ method

Big Green Egg Grill Review: This fascinating barbeque is a descendant of the Asian “Kamado”. Breaking them into a new, unprecedented world taste! The secret is the “Roman pot” similar principle. A closed, ceramic vessel cook your Grillgut very gentle and aromatic, while the prepared food remain incomparably tender and extremely juicy. This multi-functional multi-purpose device is not just for grilling, but also for baking, frying, smoking and cooking excellent.

Not even a kind of grill somehow else, but an indestructible, complete outdoor kitchen for frying, grilling, baking, cooking and smoking: an establishment for several hours with little charcoal, precise adjustment of the temperature from 50 to 400 degrees Celsius, special ceramics is harmless about 1000 ° Celsius, or minus grade , the year-round outdoor stay. Weight 78 kg.
In two versions: normal: height 119 cm, height 87 cm, 55 cm diameter, width 69 cm (121 cm unfolded). Weight approx 78 kg. Medium: Height 103 cm, height 77 cm, 46 cm diameter, width 57 cm (120 cm unfolded). Weight about 51 kg.

Impress your guests at your next barbecue with this unique device.

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