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Actually this should be a report on the first 3,000 kilometers with a Bimota Supermono be. At km 2700, however, was something nobody could foresee.

After many Guzzi LM III-years, we bought my wife Iris and I, a Gilera Saturno, because they had tired of it, always alone to stay at home. I liked the Saturno so much that we soon get a second purchase. From then on, we were almost exclusively with the Saturnos go. The Guzzi fristete its existence in our garage. This had now after so many years of loyal verdient.91BimotaBB1 non-2wwwk

bimotaDespite the relatively low power could be on outings with much larger machines to keep loose. Then I saw during the autumn of 1995 for the first time the Bimota Supermono in the original. After a test for me was that: “Such a what I want.” Said than done. In November’95 with the Guzzi dealer for Bimota Vahrenkamp mileage. The LM III was made in payment and a BB 1 ordered. On 01.12.1995, I could then the bike with the serial number 169 pick up. On the 30 km long, winding way home from the dealer to my home, I came to the Super Handling. This suspension was quickly the temperature around 0 ° C forgotten. Fortunately the roads were dry, and you could quite quickly under the max. Einfahrdrehzahlen move.

Due to the rather strict and long winter, it was unfortunately doomed to the machine with coffee and cookies in the garage, just so instead of driving. They looked pretty, with its great design and the fine-milled aluminum. The few snow-free days, I used to order some 1,000 km to the first inspection abzuspulen. It accompanied me through most of Joachim with his 2nd DB In view of temperatures, we were often wrapped in thick coats bemitleidet.91BimotaBB1-walkers 1wwwk

The kilometers to the inspection went smoothly, except for a broken speedometer shaft after about 70 km! The chassis I voted for my taste. The Paioli fork and the spring leg can no wish unfulfilled.

The seating position is compared to other motorcycles is quite high. For my size of 188 cm, however, no problem. The slant freedom is awesome. In various reports of large motorcycle test papers was the position classified as totally uncomfortable. “Softies” I can only say. I feel, I felt Pardon me, probably on the poodle Supermono.

The oil was described as cumbersome. Sure, there are simpler ways than the BB 1, the monocoque of this must be removed. But by loosening four screws that can be quickly dismantled. The assembly of the monocoques artete the first time in Fummelei from. The second time it went even better, the third and fourth time absolutely no problem.

After 1,000 kilometers was then carried out the inspection. The silencer was also placed on the front man. Rust had him arg added. The amount available for inspection at the bar of the House Vahrenkamp scrolls to kill was not from bad parents. Proud DM 527.70 alternated the owner. It is then on the way home even started to rain, not just encouraged my mood. After about 20 km the engine abstarb was the atmosphere on the bottom. So from the nearest phone booth and called the dealership to pick up the motorcycle asked. After just 1.5 hours had it in the 20 km managed to Supermono in vans to stow. The long wait in the rain took care of me for a mood that no longer had to describe. Cause of the failure was a loose connector, with the result that the battery is empty war.91BimotaBB1-3wwwk

The next few miles to 2,500-km-inspection went very smoothly and meant absolute fun. The engine is in the first four passages through very strong. The fifth and final course from 6000 to 8000 tour is a bit tougher then progressing. With my size and just under 90 kg, it is always a peak of 190 km / h. The most fun is the Supermono on winding roads. Simply brilliant handling. The sound is loud but not too meaty. For handling, it is important to note that the standard Michelin tires mounted, as long as they still are not warm, something Kippel respond. But if they are operating on, you can safely control every curve and behind you.

At km 2500 was the second inspection. Cost of DM 312.35. Then continue to pure driving enjoyment. Then at about 2700 km, however, was something totally unpredictable. Due to illness tied to the bed, I could not help thinking that my wife with a small exit Supermono undertook. From this exit was then a second, third and ….!! 91BimotaBB1-5wwwk

Now guess who made us the Supermono goes! On the advice that I have a report on my first 3000 kilometers wanted to write, I got the answer: “I drive, you write,” So I had me a division of course is not presented.

The following incidents were me Iris yet reported: At km 3400 gave the flasher relay on his mind, and a light bulb in a double headlight burned through. The lamp was in total festgebrannt plug socket so that a new base had to be ordered. The implementation of rubber seal for the rear mounting bolt from the monocoque is probably due to the enormous heat development in Höcker crumbles. These two parts are we waiting for almost three weeks.

Since we are now three singles in the garage had, plus the Ducati 900 SS from my brother, I came to the decision, the ratio one to two cylinder back into a reasonable relationship to the seasons. In mid-August 1996, a Gilera Saturno the friendly dealers, Manfred Hoppe in Osnabruck, for a new Laverda 668 in payment of. After about 14 days was 1,000 kilometers due inspection (DM 177.45 incl oil). Now annoying me forever so my wife: “Let me also once with the Laverda drive.” So far I could by the poor excuses, like “clutch is far too heavy and is much too rough, or the bike is too heavy” prevent. 91BimotaBB1-4wwwkDoch my wife simply can not loose. People, what shall I just do? I’ve made me so determined, at some point, a report on the first 3000 kilometers with 668 to write. Hopefully I succeed das I must now conclude, so that I still drive a few miles, before my wife again annoying.

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