Blackberry Messenger 5.0 Download

The revised version of the BlackBerry Messenger, which actually started with the BlackBerry OS version 5.0 which should be published, it emerged yesterday at BlackBerryOS.

The modules of the BlackBerry Messenger from the OS were 5.0 and decoupled as independent desktop installation available. Both Benedict and BESmgmt have reported tonight.

The new BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 can be like a normal third-party application using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. I would you – as well as unofficial firmware releases – ask before downloading and installing the new BlackBerry Messenger to read our warnings:

The download of the BlackBerry Messenger, and the modules installed on your BlackBerry smartphone at your own risk. In case of BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) released software updates, you lose in the event of a defect, based on the software update is due, the warranty on your device. Perform an update only when you are familiar with the procedure, and the consequences can be assessed or those that are aware of.
Here authored contributions to software updates, leaks, or merely an information value that we do not want a BlackBerry user to enter a non-authorized update.

Here are the download links for the new BlackBerry Messenger, simply select your Blackberry model. (The list I have quite cheeky by Benedict copied, Thank you and many greetings at this point!)

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