Brad Pitt: more about sex, love and the children

Brad Pitt has already a wise advice on how to do a proper way to communicate and also where he and Angelina Jolie are happy with each other. What could be on the Inglourious Basterds Star still managed to give?

So, the U.S. magazine People that still so much …

Did you know, for example, that you are entering the Jolie-Pitt-garage Schneewittchen stickers on a Disney Princess bicycle find?

Moreover, the six-dad with the magazine that mum and dad sometimes have to hire a babysitter and to do what adults like to do when they are alone.

Brad added that he much preferred George Clooney to watch his children would, as Matt Damon, because “he is not against them ankäme”.

Besides, it would be time-unwrap utensils. “Our favorite activity with our children is something creative to do,” said Brad. “Recently we have discovered the world of painting. What does it mean that we have a huge canvas spread, a few paint bucket and a stand to make Jackson Pollock.”

Oh, and if it goes to sleep, the whole brood lands are often in a bed. “So I had an almost three-meter-wide bed build,” Dad joked Pitt.

Yes, we know that this is not necessarily the sparkling details, but otherwise there are not much to report, and still it is Brad Pitt.

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