Chevron Houston Marathon 2010: Houston half marathon

And then again, maybe not. The field is expected to fill up in short order for both the marathon and the half marathon. Although registration was slated to begin as the clock tick-tocked into July 17 in the wee hours, it hasn’t happened.

Their Twitter page reports that the registration link isn’t “ready” yet. Not a good sign with respect to efficiency. They’ve known this day was coming all year. Server problems can be expected, but not having the registration page complete is just, well, incompetent.

What’s new for this year? The race will be staged on January 17, 2010. The size of the field has been increased to 22,000, representing an additional 4,000 slots. This event is becoming huge compared to what it was at its inception: multiple loops around Houston’s Memorial Park.

Another change is the Heros Charities Entries. For a mere $350 extra, runners can donate to the charity of their choice and wear a “custom” bib. This may be the last chance to make such an effort as a tax benefit since President Obama has indicated he wants to reduce, if not eliminate, deductions for charitable donations by private citizens.

Another change is the elimination of the entry transfer system, whereby a registered runner could transfer his or her entry to someone else. No exceptions will be made.

Bandits will be penalized with a minimum 2 year ban. This is an understandable policy, after all, they have to make estimates for the water tables, but it begs the question, how can it be enforced? Also, if a runner is committed to running for free this year, why would he care about next year or the next?

Hopefully, they will have the registration problem resolved in a day or so. Let the training begin!


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