Chris Brown Apology Video

chris-brown-apology-videoMore than five months after he has beaten Ex girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown apologized in public for his Lashing out.

On his official website the singer has a two minute video message posted in which he explains how much he is ashamed of the incident and that nothing can excuse is. Literally, he says, among other things: “I am very sad and ashamed about what I have done. My mother and my teachers have me really much better trained. Rihanna I have already said countless times, and you say it also today that it I honestly sorry and that I had not been able with the situation differently and better deal. I hope that others learn from my mistakes. I try my life to live so that I understand the term ‘model’ really deserve. ”

In February, Chris Brown will be his former girlfriend Rihanna green and blue have beaten. There was always a bone of contention was out of hand. In June, pled guilty Brown. Subsequently, he was convicted of domestic violence assault and sentenced. He received five years probation, 180 hours and he must work on an anti-aggression training.

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