Did Michael Jackson’s wear a wig? Was MJ bald?

The answer is yes and no. But in order to get an almost definite answer we’ll have to go back to his “Off the Wall” album days. On the cover of that album he was sporting a an afro. But then look 3 or 4 years later on the cover of “Thriller”, he had a jheri curl. Of course, it was still his real hair, he just had his afro straightened and then curled to give him the jheri curl (snoop dog did a similar thing when he was sporting a perm in the early 2000’s during his “pimp” phase). Then we move onto “BAD” where his skin in now a beautiful porcelain white and his hair is an elegant dark black and curly. At this point, or during the “Dangerous” era do I believe he started wearing a wig, but according to my studies the wig he wears (if he does wear one) is sewn into his hair, so technically its now his hair but still a wig. On the cover of Ebony it seemed like he was wearing a wig, despite how gorgeous he looked. But alas, I digress, I’m not 100% sure he wears one, but I think he has been since either his 1987 “BAD” album or his 1993 “Dangerous” album.
source: wiki.answers.com

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