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30 years ago: Aliens landed for the first time on earth. People are waiting now on the enemy’s attack or the gigantic technological progress. But nothing happened. The aliens came as the last survivors of their home planet as refugees on the ground. While the whole world about discussing what should happen with them, their spaceship is temporarily after “District 9″, a poor district in South Africa, moved.To the growing anxiety of people about the ongoing situation defuse, took the group Multi-National United ( “MNCs”) the supervision of aliens. These are however not interested in welfare of the refugees, but have their own plan – they want the weapons of the aliens to their advantage. But so far failed in this project, since the activation of the weapon only with the help of the DNA of the aliens worked.

As the agent of “MNU” WIKUS van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley) with a mysterious virus, which changed its DNA, it is the most wanted man, while most vulnerable of the earth – because he is the key to the mystery of technology of aliens to unveil …

Story: Aliens on Earth experience the same problems racial segregation (apartheid) as was the black population

Peter Jackson as producer sounds promising. Without a big star and a new director, who also comes from South Africa, it could be with his reportage look quite fresh come along.

Otherwise all rather reminds me of Half-Life 2, does not it?

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