DXM (Dextromethorphan): A very bad experience…

I want to describe an experience that I had with the above-mentioned substance. I do not want morality sermon or something, I know even as it is, if one wants to try drugs – one reads the reports, wants to experience something and thinks that nothing has happened to me so I went just so. It must also not the same question in a psychosis. There is also a dimension of horror that you simply do not know if they are not experienced.

Presumably, I have compared with the “potential” of DXM only a very small acquaintance made, otherwise I would not be here anymore, in order to write this story. But what I have experienced, was enough. It may also be that low-dose DXM as “pleasant” may seem high, if you want something homeless – even I thought initially that DXM me a peek behind my depression would.

DXM is a Dissoziativum. The exact chemical processes are too high, but in this context does not really matter. More importantly, how the dissociation experienced … from an English report I have this:

I felt like my soul has been separated from the body

Sounds harmless? You will see you as a strange man. If you look in the mirror, you see a face. You know that you need to be. But it affects you as an orc or something else … repugnant and, above all, absolutely alien. It is determined by the dissociation of himself to leave. It is not about something from the outside world and to solve any dream to travel. There is in comparison to other drugs a few deaths from DXM. But that does not alter the fact that you so can experience the death. Or at least as something in the art As I said, I’ve probably lucky and mine is the largest part spared.  So long. Just wanted to get rid of.

I have forgotten one point … the time loop. For a moment, but a long moment, infinite – the perception of time is determined by the substance totally confused – I thought, I was caught in a time loop. The fact that I’m only human, and everything around me, the whole reality is repeated again and again, just that I always forget and so forth … perhaps also that I am dead or whatever. You can not really describe, but I think now knowing how to touch a psychosis. Only a little more, the threshold is exceeded, the mind is off and I would probably be dead. Or not, you can not say and I will never find out.

Well, this is a provisional times last posting on the subject. I know that I experience my own intimacy might have to thank. I write this not because I would be looking for sympathy or something in the way … just maybe someone will read the plays with the idea, even DXM to take

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