Facebook Users Sue For Privacy Violations

Among the plaintiffs are a professional photographer, an actress and two children under 13 years. Facebook is their private information illegally for commercial purposes to any third party to do so.

Facebook users have a court in the U.S. state of California lawsuit against the Social Network submitted, because it violates privacy laws should be. The five plaintiffs, including two children under 13 years old, a professional photographer and an actress, ask for damages and reimbursement of their attorney’s fees.

In the 40-page application, Facebook is accused of, private information of its members for commercial purposes to any third party to have. “The applicants and the public demand and expect certain standards of privacy, Facebook, with its current policies, procedures and technologies are not met,” it says further.

A Facebook spokesperson wanted the allegations do not comment on it. He said simply, his business premises with no prospects of success and will proceed against the action.

In July, Canada’s Privacy Officer Jennifer Stoddart Facebook accused of recklessly with the data of its members deal, and improvements required. They criticized the fact that although users may disable their accounts, but it was unclear how they do. Facebook can be a follow-up data from a disabled user accounts as long, which is contrary to Canadian privacy laws.

Beginning of the year, Facebook after protests of its members in February introduced new use rules withdrawn and reworked. Tens of thousands of users have criticized that the company has a far-reaching access to their articles, photos and videos acknowledges. In April, the social network finally recast the vote.

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