Felipe Massa’s Condition: Felipe Massa is awake and out of coma

Felipe Massa’s Condition: Felipe Massa is awake and out of coma.  “All signs are positive” – with this brief statement has Dino Altmann, personal physician of Formula 1 racing driver Felipe Massa, for relief in the motorsport world ensured. The Brazilian was named after his horrific accident in Budapest at the head operates.


Felipe Massa during qualifying is the Grand Prix of Hungary at the head severely violated. He slammed his Ferrari into a stack of tires.
The Brazilian was in the second round of qualifying in Budapest on the road. After a bend, he started on a long straight.

Massa has his accident during qualifying for the Grand Prix of Hungary and the subsequent surgery on the left eye socket seems well. On Sunday morning, the Brazilian from the artificial coma, wakes up, like Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni announced.

Massa’s personal physician Dino Altmann calmed both the driver before the start of the race on Sunday (from 14 clock in the live ticker) as well as Massa’s pregnant wife Raffaela and his parents, with whom he referred to the accident of Brazil flew out to Europe.

According to a statement the team has it over night, where no complications, Massa’s condition remained stable. In the course of Sunday, another computer tomography on the program.

According to Altmann, who is also on the Race track in Sao Paulo is there for this type of injury on the head an evaluation scale from 3 to 15, with 15 of the best value is. “Massa is 14, which is a very good sign,” said the physician, depending on the healing process of a regeneration time of two to six weeks out. The next race takes place on 23 August in Valencia instead, a week later at Spa mileage. During the race on Sunday Massa remains empty space.

The operation on Saturday evening was the 28-year-olds, according to his brother Eduardo a small bone fragments in the eye socket bone removed. They had the Ferrari pilot a cut above the eye and a concussion suffered.

Massa was on Saturday in qualifying for the Grand Prix of Hungary by about 800 grams of a heavy steel spring shock absorber element of a car by his countryman Rubens Barrichello on the helmet has been taken. The vice-world champion was without consciousness momentarily and came back with 190 speed straight into the tire piles secure route limit.

When you race at the Hungaroring Massa will not start, how long he will be is unclear. This will have a record return of world champion Michael Schumacher speculates

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