Felipe Massa Crash Video Update

A serious accident of Ferrari driver Felipe Massa has qualified as a Grand Prix of Hungary overshadowed. The Brazilian was at the end of a long straight into a barrier unbraked from tire piles gerast and suffered serious injuries. Previously, there was an object on his head that has been taken out.

The Brazilians took the accident in a fracture on the skull, a brain injury and a cut on the forehead too. He had to AEK in the hospital in Budapest surgery. Massa then remained under observation in the intensive care unit. His start the race on Sunday is excluded.

Trigger for the severe accident was a raised steel spring. The sub had hitherto unexplained cause of the third dampers at the rear suspension on Barrichellos Brawn Rubens Mercedes solved. It was in the air and crashed gewirbelt then Massa’s helmet. The spring-retaining cap was canceled.

“We do not know how it is resolved,” said owner BrawnGP Ross Brawn. The steel spring cradle 700 to 800 g. It has a standard component of trade, with which it previously had never had problems. For security reasons, this spring on the car of Jenson Button exchanged. The International Automobile Federation, FIA is now examining the spring of Barrichellos Brawn-Mercedes.

The impact of the Brazilians lost consciousness, missed a left turn and raced straight into an unbraked tire pile. “I am shocked that such images I have not seen,” said Mercedes sports chief Norbert Haug. Only after several minutes, the vice-champion of the rescue workers from his car to be exempt, supposedly cut trachea was performed.

Massa was an ambulance of the Medical Center to track mileage. As the automotive world Fia said Massa’s condition was stable.

Massa was dazed after the accident would have but can speak. He was with the helicopter for further investigations flown to a hospital. The operation was then carried out well, shared with the doctors. Massa had to be under observation in the intensive care unit stay. His start in today’s race are excluded, a substitute driver may not nachnominieren Ferrari.

Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni has reports according to which mass floating in mortal danger, as “absolute nonsense” means. “That’s nonsense,” said Colajanni. Massa’s in the fifth month pregnant wife has the serious accident of her husband, live on television. That the Internet portal reported globoesporte.com. She saw the accident in the presence of their family in the shared apartment in Sao Paulo. Rafaella and Felipe since November 2007 and married in November expecting their first son, Felipe mean.

The Spaniard Fernando Alonso in a Renault secured the pole position. Sebastian Vettel also drove in the first set before launch. World champion Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren-Mercedes will start from fourth place. Leaders Jenson Button (Brawn GP) reached the place only eight.

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