Glee: It’s Popularity, Espionage and Love Triangles, with Songs In Between

GleeGlee!  Isn’t it obvious I’m similarly excited for it, not after watching the pilot after the American Idol finale?  But more on that later.  I was trawling through some spoilers for the full season, which kicks off on September 9, and I’m a little surprised.  So it is about a glee club, and it is a bit about outsiders, and there’ll be plotting and espionage and all?  Doesn’t exactly sound like your run-of-the-mill High School Musical rip-off.  Then again, it never was.

So my task here, then, is to write down those spoilers, courtesy of the folks at E! Online, and then write down what I think of those details.  You know, side comments and stuff.

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