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Often, on a Google Operating System speculates, with which one would be going against Microsoft. We discovered GOS for you is only limited to Google, but there are many Google services. We have the “Google OS” on the Practice of current DVD PC Praxis 02/08 and show how to get the chic and safe GOS also use on your PC. What you need for that, the GOS to test safely and how to secure a virtual environment to surf, see below:

GOS test safely and securely from a virtual environment to surf

As a beginner-friendly operating system continues to GOS can safely be tested without the Windows installation on the hard to touch. It offers two different options, both variants can be found on the practice-DVD:

The live image
The free VMware Player, which you can download below, provides a complete PC with standard hardware. In operating systems it can be tested without having to leave Windows. GOS makes testing very easy by providing a ready-made image, including configuration file for the VMware Player offers. To use it you need only to install VMware Player, unzip the image and then GOS by double-clicking the VMware configuration file (extension “. Vmx”) start. For the use of the image are the same conditions as for the hard disk installation. Unlike live CD changes are permanent.

The VMware Player has three Netzwerkmodi, two of which were for domestic use are interesting: For “NAT” is the host system such as a DSL router – your virtual GOS PC to other computers is not visible. In the mode “Bridged” defines the GOS PC with its own MAC address to your existing physical Ethernet card. In order to function optimally, it is this mode for a cable connection to the DSL router (with DHCP server) is necessary. In Bridged mode, the virtual-GOS PC servers and services such as to provide an Apache webserver with PHP to test.

The Live CD
With it you can connect your PC directly with GOS start in your computer does not even have a HDD. This method is ideally suited to determine whether your hardware is supported by the GOS, and a feeling to get, how fast or slow your computer runs with the GOS. However, the test results in terms of speed by the slow optical drive somewhat distorted, especially here have computers with less memory, where the contents of the live CD can not be cached, a disadvantage. Yet you get when you start the Live CD a good impression of how well the network hardware and disk controllers are supported, and can assess whether an installation worthwhile. Under circumstances in the live CD the native resolution of your screen is not available. In many cases, the resolution only after the installation to be adjusted.

Both versions do not own as an excellent means to surf safely. In any case, your original operating system fairly unassailable for spyware and similar pests. Only when things you download from the Web and then on your normal system run the risk that you will capture malware. But should be under the Windows virus scanner block.

Even more tips and tricks to “Google OS” and the system itself can be found in the PC Praxis 02/08.

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