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It was long suspected, but since today it’s official. Google is working on its own operating system. When Google last year, somewhat surprisingly, the introduced Chrome browser, you already knew that it would not stay. Even before Google had several representatives here and there to imply that you are thinking about the future of operating systems would make, but most observers based but rather on cell phones, not on complete systems. Now comes the Google OS. An attack on Microsoft and Apple?
Google keeps the ball, officially, still a little flat. It would, said the blog entry on the topic, once a slim system for Netbook offering. So nothing for “normal” computer. And it probably will not be long until the first Google OS on other computers will be installed.

The system is loosely based on Linux, but Google is developing its own code. The will be available as open source, but also, only if the system on the market. What I find interesting: The system will be around the Chrome browsers and not Android. Although you probably elements and especially the experience of the development of Android take over, but basically well-built as something else on.

Because it’s not about a desktop system, from which one goes into the net. But only one goes into the net and then worried that the programs that we currently need. You move so “in the cloud”, which also means that the system can keep slim.

Mid-2010, the Google OS, and the question now is whether Microsoft and Apple need to worry. My guess: not once. Google keeps the ball (still) flat, and tried at first on Netbook, so those devices for fast network access only. There are usually only a few application programs, for example, an Office suite, Google has also offered online.

Exciting the question should be what the manufacturer to the system of letting Google, ie Google OS instead of Windows 7 as a base system to offer. As long as the Google OS only one option is that a user must install it, Google will have a hard time.

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