Google plans a PC operating system: Google Goobuntu?

Placing this here cause well there is no better place to put it. Since it will be Open Source i think it fits.

Sources close to Google, 1 inside the company and 1 outside the company, have confirmed to Ars Techncia that there is a Google OS and it will be coming to a Netbook near you soon. Possibly as soon as tomorrow!

This OS will be based around the widely popular Google Chrome Browser will be tentatively titled “Google Chrome OS” as reported so far. It will be based for smaller PC’s which main tasks are for EMail and web browsing. Some interesting information from Ars:

Beyond the bare outlines, we have little solid information at this point, though the idea of a Google OS isn’t some novelty; in fact, it’s been aired publicly for years. In early 2006, we reported on Google’s denial that it was prepping an OS distribution of its own based on Ubuntu, but the idea had already been rumored at that point for some time. More recently, the (relative) ease of porting Android to netbooks led to plenty of speculation that Google’s full computer OS, when it appeared, would be based on Android.

The varied speculation over the years may result from the fact that Google can take several possible paths to build such an operating system. One possibility is that the OS could be a port of the Android mobile platform that has been modified to deliver a more netbook-friendly user interface. This seems highly unlikely, however, as Google has unambiguously stated in the past that it has no plans to adapt Android to netbooks itself. The search giant prefers to leave that as an exercise for third-party adopters.
It will be interesting to hear more as more facts become available. But so far the theories are that either it will be like Android or a Google flavor of Linux. Right now there is no more facts that are known and Google has yet to comment.

Honestly i would like to see it and i would even try it out. I have only seen Android on phones and never used it personally. I have tried Chrome and if it wasnt for the fact that some things are so hard to accomplish in the browser (Ad Blocking for one) i would use it more often. Cant wait to see what comes of this development.

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