Green Lantern First Flight 2009: Free Download

When the pilot Hal Jordan a mysterious, powerful ring by a dying alien beings are assuming that transforms him into a Green Lantern, a member of an elite group of heroes who, under the guidance of the guardians of the universe for peace and justice in the universe care. Differed in terms of their newest recruits, let the guardians of Hal Sinestro, the venerable Green Lantern, train. What she does not know is that Sinestro overthrow the guards and a new order under his leadership would like to build. It is a struggle of power and strength of will in which Hal must prove its value by defeated Sinestro, the Green Lantern Corps’ to save. This animated adventure from the DC universe thrilled with action-packed Shake Downs, Downs and show spectacular optics, while the Green Lantern’s powers and uses imagination to make impossible possible!


The Special Edition contains more than 2 1 / 2 hours Bonus Material: Below you will find a detailed making-of documentary, the animated short film “Green Loontern” bonus cartoons, exclusive previews of upcoming DC comic book adaptations such as “Batman / Superman Public Enemies” and much more!


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