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Danger, danger: According to the Safer Internet Day check with the CHIP Online Tools your system from A to Z, and close security holes in Windows, applications, browsers and hardware.

home-antivirus-2010How good is your PC protected: Every five seconds experts discovers a new infected Web site that’s infiltrated with malicious codes.

Sure, there are more pleasant to read as the monthly security report with the most dangerous viruses: fresh threats from the Web, increasingly sophisticated malware, a virus re-construction kit that allows anyone to tinker with beginners viruses and countless computer can let go. The security company Sophos now has 11 million types of malware. Every five seconds, the experts discover a new infected Web site, the malicious code on the computer of the Surfers smuggle wants. These unpleasant facts, especially in connection with the question: How good is my computer against new threats?

With the security of downloads CHIP Online you can now easily check and your system is completely secure: Our tools cover every security hole to show where action is needed and protect all exposed areas of the computer. Since the virus scanner and firewall today is no longer sufficient to protect our package contains additional rootkit detectors Updater browser backups and much more.

Of course there are also commercial security suites, various protection tools from a single interface bundle. But they have towards our freeware tools, two disadvantages: They cost money – and slow down the system to some decent.

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