iTunes virus is the Small.BOG virus?

Users of popular free Windows anti-virus software AVG have been in for a surprise in the last 24 hours after the software started identifying iTunes files as a virus.

According to warning messages received by AVG users, iTunes.dll and iTunesRegistry.dll are infected with “Trojan horse Small.BOG”. The odd thing about the alleged virus is that at least according to the databases of other leading virus scanners, there’s no trojan in existence called Small.BOG…so it’s quite possible that someone at AVG is taking the piss.

AVG, Apple and other forums have been swamped by users experiencing the problem. At the time of writing there doesn’t appear to be any official word from AVG on when it might be rectified.

In the mean time, if you do receive the message, the advice is two fold. 1: don’t quarantine the files as this will break iTunes (and they aren’t actual viruses). 2: add an exception in AVG by following the instructions here.

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