Jenna Bush: A Good Girl!

From Party Girl on the author: Jenna Bush, daughter of U.S. President, gives her first TV interview. She has written a book that is published these days in the U.S., and recently has an engagement ring.
Her father is powerful, but not popular. He is waging a war to die in the young women and men who are as old as she. There can be no pleasure to be constantly asked about this father. Jenna Bush is 25, she has long blond hair and wearing a deep blue sweater with a V-neck. She sits with Diane Sawyer, the News-Lady by ABC, and gives her first television interview. Your daddy do as President of the United States “a great job,” she says. And the war in Iraq was “obviously a complex issue,” she dodges the question of whether they think this war is right. Good girl.
Jenna Bush is really here to talk about a book she has written: “Anas Story.” It tells the story of 17-year-old Ana from Panama who has a baby, but she educates, and HIV-positive. But, of course, Jenna Bush has no choice but to say a few words about George W. Bush to be very diplomatic. It is similar to him in the face, unlike her twin sister Barbara, who comes to her mother Laura.

The Bush twins were once the party girls of the American nation, the first term of office of their father, they celebrated by more or less. Jenna stuck out my tongue by the Secret Service agent and was twice arrested for “under-age drinking,” hicks. The headlines were pretty, but then we went to Daddy’s re-election, gave the twins from preppy election fighters and were grown during his second term.

Jenna worked as a teacher at an elementary school in Washington, took a break and went to Unicef to Latin America to write about children who live in poverty. And now she sits here and talks about her book “Anas Story,” which has some 300 pages and is aimed at teenagers, it includes brief chapters with simple sentences and lots of photos. “He stank of alcohol and cigarettes,” says Bush, it’s about how Ana is abused by the friend of her grandmother. “His eyes were wild as a cougar in the jungle.”

Jenna Bush is now touring with her book by the U.S., she traveled to 25 cities, it’s like campaigning. As a prelude to announce some good news: Miss Bush and her boyfriend, Henry Hager, got engaged to. “He is very close to nature,” says Jenna, smiling, he had made her the marriage proposal when hiking. The president says he and his wife were very happy about it. Finally a nice message from the White House.

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