Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle Break Up: Joe Jonas Crying!

Reports claim that Joe Jonas and actress Camilla Belle have decided to break-up. Read Camilla’s biography, and see photos and video here.
Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers has been dating Camilla Belle since late last year. But over the weekend people began to wonder whether or not they had a break-up. Most of the speculation came after Camilla had been spotted with a few other celebs, but who were they?

Well first, Camilla Belle was spotted hanging out and having dinner with R-Patz last December. Around that time people began to wonder if Joe Jonas’ goody-goody lifestyle was too much for Camilla Belle. The two claimed to be “just friends,” and life went on.


Then, this weekend, Camilla Belle was hanging with tennis player Fernando Verdasco in his luxury box at the Paribas Open in California. Verdasco’s girlfriend was also supposedly there, but according to reports, he and Camilla Belle left for dinner together later that night. They even allegedly went home together after they ate.

Could this spell the end for Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle? We’ll let you know as soon as we hear the word that they broke up. Until then, read Camilla Belle’s bio below.
Camilla Belle Biography

Actress Camilla Belle, full name Camilla Belle Routh, was born October 2, 1986. She is 22 years old. She has been in the business a long time for such a young girl.

Camilla Belle’s first national television appearance happened at only 9 months old. Only about four years later, at age 5, she landed a gig on NBC’s Trapped Beneath The Earth.

Camilla Belle’s first lead role didn’t occur until 2000, when she starred in Disney’s Rip Girls in 2000. She then landed another lead role in the remake of When A Stranger Calls. More recently, Camilla was in 10,000 BC and Push, where she could be seen alongside Dakota Fanning.

We assume Camilla Belle met Joe Jonas when she appeared in the music video for The Jonas Brother’s song Love Bug in 2008, only a few months before we heard that they were dating. Now, in 2009, we have heard rumors that they broke-up over the weekend.


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