Josephine Baker Biography, Photos

Josephine Baker Biography, Photos
Dancer, singer

3. June: Freda Josephine McDonald is considered illegitimate daughter of drummer Eddie Carson and laundress Carrie McDonald in St. Louis, Missouri born. It grows in poor circumstances on.

Baker leaves the school and works to provide financial support to their family as a maid.

Reentry into the school.

2. July: A Black Baker experienced racial unrest in St. Louis with. This experience influenced them so much that she later became a committed campaigner against racism is.

You finally leave the school.

Josephine Baker Photos1919
Marriage with the foundry worker Willie Wells. The marriage lasts only a few weeks. As a waitress in the jazz club “Old Chauffeur’s Club” Baker discovered her love for music. They learned the latest dance styles such as Charleston, Mess Around, Itch or Tack Annie. After discovering her talent is dance in the United States with The Jones Family Band and The Dixie Steppers on tour.

Marriage to the conductor Willie Baker, whose last name she keeps her life.

Appearances on Broadway, the first composed of black musical “Shuffle Along”.

Performances in various clubs and theaters in the U.S.. Although Baker is always in the last series of dances, offers her Caroline Reagan, an affluent white and promoter of black music, a commitment in the “Revue Nègre” in Paris.

October: Baker leaving America and her husband to go to Paris. It reaches them through their performances in the “Revue Nègre” fast fame.
Until then, the French public as a dancer with exotic Baker nudity and a dance mix of wildness and control never before seen. They established the “hot jazz” and reached international fame, while France of American jazz is infected. Baker is considered by many artists and intellectuals such as Pablo Picasso revered.

Fall: She learns Pepito Abatino know of her lover and manager.
December: Opening Night of their own “Chez Josephine” in Paris.

Appearances in the Folies Bergère, where her famous banana dance, the danse sauvage, in a Röckchen from 16 in the banana song “La Folie du Jour ‘performances.

First screen appearance in the exotic movie “La Sirene of Tropiques”.
This year, Baker earned more than any other entertainer in Europe.
Baker guesting with her “Charleston Jazz Band in Berlin. Also in the German art and culture scene excites them with their performances and their “wild” style of dance sensation.

In Vienna on the occasion of her special guest worship “as a penance for grave violations of morality, perpetrated by Josephine Baker” held. The Viennese Nazis calling for a ban on appearance Baker. 1929
14. February: Because of a likely “violation of public decency” given the city an appearance Munich Baker ban.

from 1930
It is dedicated to strengthening their singing career and takes songs for the record company to Columbia Records. Furthermore, it is repeated in French cinema to see.

Return to the United States. The Star in Europe by the celebrated American audiences rejected. Judging also from newspapers racist motivation pejoratively about Baker, the New York Times described it, inter alia, as a “nigger bitch” (Negro Wenche). Many hotels and restaurants Baker deny access.
Baker announces contracts and returns back to Europe.

Marriage to the French Jews, and large industrialists Jean Lion, through which they receive French citizenship.

In the Düsseldorf exhibition “Degenerate Music” by the Nazis defamed the most diverse musicians, among them Baker.

After the occupation of France by the Wehrmacht, Baker worked at the French Red Cross, and when traveling smuggles secret messages for the Resistance.
Divorce by Jean Lion.

Baker will receive awards, the French “Croix de Guerre” and “coin de la Résistance”.

Marriage with the French orchestra leader Jo Bouillon.

In their tour of America refuses to Baker before segregated by race in public proceedings or divided by race hotel to sleep. They reached the opening of some facilities for African-Americans. This is from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) for outstanding Woman of the Year.

Because Baker does not have children can adopt ten boys and two girls of different skin color and religion. The Baker as the “rainbow tribe” designated family lives in a medieval castle in the Dordogne.

Separation of Jo Boullion.
Baker is to rest, to allow time for their family to have.

Debt due to their expensive lifestyles are forcing Baker to a comeback, with the autobiographical musical “Paris, mes Amours” in Paris is initiated.

August: Baker takes on the big demonstration for the rights of Afro-Americans in Washington and speaks on the side of Martin Luther King (1929-1968).

Because Baker’s debt is her castle auctioned. It must be with her family in a smaller villa draw on it by Princess Grace of Monaco (1929-1982) is a concern.

Pseudo-marriage to the American artist Robert Brady in an empty church in Acapulco (Mexico). Without a priest and witnesses swear they are eternal fidelity. Baker told a few people from this unofficial marriage, because they are afraid that the press could make merry over them.

Appearances in the autobiographical show “Josephine” in Monaco.

8. April: performance of “Josephine” in Paris. The reviewers are among their best.

12. April: Josephine Baker dies in Paris of a sudden brain haemorrhage.

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