Jungle 2 Jungle Cast and Movie Review

The successful New York stockbroker Michael Cromwell has an appointment in the Amazon, however, has nothing to do with shares. Michael, the divorce from his wife, Dr. Patricia Cromwell close to his fiancée, the designer can marry Charlotte. He lets his work and his hyper-active business partner Richard, and an angry Russian Mafioso and travels back into the jungle.  In a village deep in the jungle lives with his wife Patricia of the biggest surprises in Michael’s life: his 13 year old son, Mimi-Siku. Michael inadvertently agrees to bring his son one in his own jungle: New York City. Slam together two cultures and wild chaos breaks out, as Mimi-Siku, who is more accustomed to shooting with arrows as social etiquette to show the life of his father on the head. Mimi and Michael Lerner valuable lessons the hard way, while they cultivated the urban jungle, New York, make a little wild ..

* Original Title: Jungle 2 Jungle
* Releasedate: 24.07.1997
* Movie Length: 105 min
* Year: 1996
* Country: USA
* Distributor: Buena Vista
* Director: John Pasquin
* Book: Bruce A. Evans, Raynold Gideon
* Camera: Tony Pierce-Roberts
* Producer: Brian Reilly
* Cast: Sam Huntington, Lolita Davidovich, Tim Allen, JoBeth Williams, Martin Short

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