Malcolm in the Middle Airing on Nick at Nite

It tells of ordinary madness in everyday life of an average American family from the perspective of eleven-year-old Malcolm. With an IQ of 165 beaten, visited a gifted class, while students whose intelligence beasts, but are total bore. Malcolm parents Lois and Hal lead a life at least as chaotic as her three other sons, Reese, Francis and Dewey, a nonsense after another queue …

Malcolm, at first glance a perfectly normal boy who is completely satisfied with his life: He spends hours on the skateboard, pushing with his friends a lot of nonsense and miss – entirely coincidentally – from and to the school bus. Until his teacher discovered that he has above-average IQ. She puts him in a gifted class, their students, while intelligence-as beasts, but as a total slowpoke turn. Since his friends treat him, as if he were radioactive. Malcolm parents Hal and Lois do not have the best looking lawn, not a perfect budget, and the slope, crazy things. No wonder that even the anarchists are incorrigible sons: Malcolm, Reese and Dewey build a killer robot, attacked in a traffic jam Eiswagen and verkloppen daily. But the guys know that your parents love them anyway. Therefore, they are also not too bad, that she Malcolm favorite brother Francis to the Military Academy have sent to him on the right path. Since Francis is gone, Malcolm is now “the middle” between the two remaining brothers: Reese, the two elders, whose fists “exactly work twice as fast as his brain” and Dewey, the youngest, in his development “somewhere between hamsters and Toddler “is stuck. With his winning, and almost cynical joke that Malcolm traces its way through the sometimes treacherous but always amusing waters of childhood. But, as he so beautifully says: “The best thing about childhood is – at some point it ends.”

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