Methadone: Methadone side effects

methadoneMethadone is, unlike heroin, absolutely artificially produced. It is a Opiatersatzmittel, which strongly affects pain. Methadone has been known as a man in the 60s started it as a replacement drug use in heroin withdrawal. Heroin is semisynthetic, i.e. there is half from natural opium extracts.
Methadone has Vergelich the effect of morphine, it can also
to a strong dependence, but it is the heroin withdrawal, to the severe withdrawal symptoms such as pain relief. Methadone also acts on the central nervous system and helps the addicts of heroin thought to be.

Methadone is a colorless crystalline powder with a bitter taste. Fully methadone is produced which means there are no production at its natural substances and especially not to use opium alkaloids. In the living organism brought unfolded a specifically methadone to morphine-like effect. It requires, however, 4 mg of morphine to enhance the impact of one mg of methadone to achieve, which means, methadone is approximately 4x more effectively than morphine. The effect of duration of methadone, in professional circles as the half-stated, proved in practice to be difficult to determine because all too many individual factors play a role. So lets bsw. The action of methadone by alkaline extend, which in practice would mean, for example, that methadone, together with some sodium bicarbonate (salt stomach) in longer works. They have come through these problems in the determination of the half-life of 10-15 hours for methadone agreed. A duration of 24 hours or more, it is usually only by an overdose of the patients reach.

Methadone also has some side effects

Of course, even taking methadone side effects, not only that it do so, it may also cause severe digestive disorders, because all opiates paralyze the intestine. Often when taking methadone an emerging euphoria of the person concerned to note that he may be concentrating and suffer from insomnia, are just some of the many side effects of methadone.

The side effects of methadone are similar in every respect to the intensity of the various side effects, those of other strong-acting opioids. Do we want to compare as the strong-acting opioid heroin choose, it can be compared to methadone say this: the typical, by morphine-like substances induced constipation or constipation German, occurs with heroin intense. Heroin has in contrast to methadone rather appetizing. Methadone significantly dampens the appetite. The analgesic quality of heroin is about one and a half times higher than that of methadone. It measures the quality of morphine analgesia in the unit M, where M stands for morphine. Morphine has therefore a strength of 1 M. Methadone on the other hand, 4 M and 6 M. A heroin side effect of heroin, which previously received little attention, is the sub-Binding of the female monthly blood flow. Heroin, taken over long period, prevented women from the monthly bleeding. Methadone has no significant influence. If one female, from the heroin-dependent patients, where it stopped the monthly bleeding has come on to methadone, are bleeding again in regular, where especially the first of recurrent bleeding, very painful can …

Methadone: Never without a doctor

In any case, never methadone without a doctor einzunehmen, because in the event of an overdose, it can very quickly lead to death. Already 1-1 1 / 2 milligrams per gram of body weight already rich enough to kill a man. Did you overcome the addiction, methadone should be insidiously, ie slow down in order here again to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone: Mostly as tablets or drops

Methadone is in the form of tablets or drops as well as to receive. Liquid methadone is administered, it is usually prepared so that you can not use it as an injection, it is usually diluted by, or with syrup, was inked, because you want the addict so away from the syringes.

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