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mlt-programManagement Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) is a national non- profit that has made ground-breaking progress developing the next generation of African American, Hispanic and Native American leaders in major corporations, non-profit organiza- tions and entrepreneurial ventures.

Despite comprising nearly 30% of the US population, underrepresented minorities comprise only 3% of senior leaders at corporations, non-profits and entrepreneurial ventures.

As minorities fall out of the leadership pipeline, they often fail to reach their full potential due to skill gaps, lack of a clear roadmap and limited access to career opportunities leading to senior management.

They will, in turn, not have a voice in solving the most complex problems within organizations. Also, they will not likely participate in decision-making processes that address economic ills in communities where their corporations derive revenues or offer services.

For sectors that drive the US economy and financial services, education, technology, consumer products, healthcare, media and entertainment a lack of diverse senior leadership directly impacts an organization’s ability to:

* Deploy the most innovative solutions to problems
* Adequately address marketing and economic challenges in markets served
* Quickly interpret and address consumer needs in a market that is becoming increasingly non-Anglo
* Attract the most talented applicants and use human capital as a competitive advantage or as an accelerant to change


MLT builds leaders who have the commitment, capital and relationships necessary to drive business profitability and significant social change.

MLT equips underrepresented minorities with the hard and soft skills, career roadmap, coaching, mentoring, and door-opening relationships required to become high-impact business and community leaders. Virtually every senior leader would say that they would not be where they are today without some or all of those key ingredients, yet they are not taught in even the best classrooms and instead are delivered through informal channels to which minorities have limited access. MLT democratizes access to these ingredients, filling a major gap in our education system and significantly broadening the pipeline of senior minority leaders who can catalyze change in our communities.

MLT is the nation’s #1 source of minority talent for the top business schools (nearly 40% of the minority MBA students at HBS, Wharton and Kellogg are MLT alumni) and for many of the nation’s leading corporations including Google, Goldman Sachs, PepsiCo, McKinsey, Citi, and Target. Leading philanthropies such as New Profit and the Starr Foundation are also long-term strategic partners. MLT has been featured on the cover of Fortune and CNN’s Soledad O’Brien is currently producing an extensive feature on MLT that will air July 23rd as part of the documentary series “Black in America 2: Solutions.”

To build the nation’s premier talent development institution that formalizes the delivery of MLT’s “key ingredients” over one’s career at critical inflection points – college to early career, early career to the managerial level and the managerial level to the senior executive level.

Here’s how the leadership landscape looks when we get there… (Courtesy:

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