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On the Inside AdSense Blog gibts news: It is now possible to a single AdSense ad unit with up to five custom channels to it. Thus there are more details in the recording of statistics shows. After the ad code for an ad unit on the AdSense interface has been generated, you can define the channels.

Application example of AdSense blog:

Multiple channels can be very useful for you, if your ad block in terms of several parameters simultaneously measured want. You have e.g. a sports site on which you have a leaderboard at the beginning and end of each page have. To view the ad placement performance of this measure to be directed your two custom channels with the name “Leaderboard_header” and “Leaderboard_sidebar field.

Now you want your football side in comparison to analyze your basketball page. With the assignment of multiple custom channels to your leaderboard is not a problem. Created just two new custom channels called the “football side” and “basketball page and insert it into the corresponding ad units added. So get your information about where on the page to your leaderboards are (beginning or end) and on what the two pages they appear (football or basketball).

Note: Impressions and clicks are used for each channel is recorded, thus the channel reports showing more impressions and clicks than the aggregated channel.

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