Nissan Leaf – The New Nissan Electric Car

Nissan Leaf – The New Nissan Electric Car. As part of the opening of the new Nissan’s corporate headquarters in Yokohama presented the Japanese carmaker’s first major series-electric vehicle. From 2010, Nissan launched the first Leaf in Japan and the USA, from 2012 before he even comes to Europe.

On Sunday (August 2) fell within the last Yokohama hull and Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn Nissan presented the Leaf. The presented prototype is similar to 96 percent of the later series version. Under the hood of the compact model, purrs a permanent magnet synchronous motor with 80 kilowatt (109 hp). The maximum torque lies at 280 Newton meters. The aim of the Leaf in ten seconds to 100 km / h sprint. With a maximum speed of 140 km / h, the jacking end.
nissan leaf
Nissan Leaf: 80 kilowatts and 160 kilometers range

Around 160 kilometers, the compact Nissan Leaf pieces back on, before it returned to the outlet must roll. New energy draws the 24-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery on a vehicle at the front service door positioned in the two power outlets are located. Depending on the connection between them goes on 100 volts and 400 volts.

The load times are between 30 minutes and 16 hours. The battery unit is hidden under the seats in the vehicle floor pan. Unlike the Tesla Roadster or the Mini E will be thousands of small non-leaf single cells are linked together. When electrical work 48 Nissan battery blocks A Four flat, laminated cells of NEC partners together.

nissan electric car Nissan Leaf: Capacity ad on the Internet and mobile phone

In the cockpit of the five-Nissan Leaf informs a TFT display drivers on the range and the current battery. About a timer function allows the driver Leaf also charge the battery, but also air conditioning and heating to a desired time to activate. The control of these systems can also be by mobile phone or a dedicated online website to be activated. A text message informed when the full loading capacity was reached again.

Production of 50,000 Nissan Leaf in the first year

End of 2010, the first vehicles in Japan and the U.S. begin to fleets and governments go before then normal Leaf Nissan customers can purchase. Nissan is planning a production of around 50,000 vehicles in the first year. “We have deliberately chosen a launch in countries ruled their governments to support our plan. We get great support from the U.S. government, and therefore starts the Leaf in the U.S. and Japan,” said Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn at the premiere the new electric cars.

The detailed presentation and a Fahrbericht of the prototype with the propulsion unit of the new Nissan Leaf read in auto motor und sport, issue 18/2009, from 13.8. in trade.

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