Obama Checking Out 16 yr Old Girl?

Drudge has been headlining the image for hours. No doubt the mainstream media’s talking heads will quickly assure us that it’s a sign of humanity and we can’t really expect him to restrain his manly instincts. Besides, it’s a great compliment paid to the minor and, really, he’s so dreamy. Of course, it would’ve been a perverted act worthy of impeachment had Bush done the same, but whatever.

According to a biography page dug up by Ace, the girl he’s checking out is the same as the one in the purple dress here. Assuming the information is accurate, our commander-in-chief was caught staring at the ass of a 16-year-old Brazilian girl and activist for UNICEF.

President Horndog-in-Chief has all the tact of a drunk college guy on spring break in Miami; all the self-restraint of a horny rottweiler humping Scarlett Johansson’s leg. Such a lack of class hasn’t been witnessed from a world leader since the last time Obama gave Gordon Brown a set of non-working DVDs.

Reports indicate that Obama will introduce new tap-and-trade legislation next week. Senate sources attribute the new move to his stimulated package.

Not the First Time: Ace finds another picture of Obama checking out an unknown woman. In his defense, at least the woman was old enough to vote in that earlier case.

source: amerpundit.com

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