Pentax Optio E60 10MP Digital Camera Review

Pentax Optio aims with the E60 is clearly on a photo from newcomers: The device is primarily with automatic modes – which so perfectly for those who prefer all the settings on your camera can. This sets the E60 but only an electronic image stabilizer, which by increasing the light sensitivity enables faster shutter speeds.


How many current models also offers the Optio E60 automatic motif detection. If this is activated, the camera automatically selects the suitable situation for the subject program – a feature that especially beginners photography easier. For completely superfluous, but we felt the internal memory. This is only 6.3 MB in size and has space for just one image in full resolution and best quality. For more than ten photos, you should be either the resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels down, or 3-megapixel quality at worst select. Also, the display size of the camera corresponds with 2.4 inch not quite match the standard. The bulk of the current compact cameras, is currently with 2.5 – to 3-inch displays.

Creative minds can be made with different effects images embellish: To make the images with a color or a frame.



The great weakness of the Pentax Optio E60, the wide area. Because of short focal length lost the 10-megapixel camera to screen out a lot of resolution and the brightness was increased by 0.6 Apertures after. In addition, a strong barrel distortion. For medium and long focal length to cut the E60 very well – even extending the resolution, minimal loss of brightness and almost no distortion. The noise behavior of the camera was also fine. Only at ISO 200 was the measured value increased somewhat, but still sufficient. The input dynamics of E60 was very high. This means that the candidate uses a lot of stops. The initial momentum, ie the number of displayable brightness gradations, was also good.


With an extra button to activate the green mode of the camera. He puts the E60 in a fully automatic mode. Those who have more influence on the exposure wishes, chooses the “Mode” button, the program’s automatic “P”, in addition to resolution and quality, the auto box, the sensitivity and exposure compensation can customize.

Conclusion Pentax Optio E60

With the Pentax Optio E60 has a nice little entry-level camera in range. The model had a few in the wide problems of image quality. The other tests performed flawlessly, but the E60. In addition, she is very easy to use.


For approximately 20 euro more you get the kodak m380. The camera delivered in roughly the same picture quality, but was slightly better equipped.


Pentax Optio E60 black
Pentax Optio E60 silver color

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