So You Think You Can Dance: It Might As Well Be Brandon and Jeanine’s Night

So You Think You Can DanceIt’s finally arrived: finale week on So You Think You Can Dance.  Pretty crucial, this, for how Wednesday night turns out will spell the difference between them and $250,000.  Oh, and bragging rights, too.  Personally, speculating about how each dancer will fare with their partners and genres is slightly moot, because more often than now the votes have been slightly locked in–what I mean is, fans have decided who to vote to, and swinging the votes is pretty hard.  Did that make sense?

Anyway, again thanks to the folks at SYTYCDism, we have this week’s genres and pair-ups.  Well, pairs-wise it’s a given, but I’ll speculate anyway, because doing that actually gives you a very good feeling.  Well, depends when you’re getting it right or not.

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